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Privacy Policy


This privacy policy aims to help RITA GLÓRIA ID customers, suppliers and partners to understand the collection of personal data, reason for use, disclosure and respective privacy protection for the use of personal data.

RITA GLÓRIA ID seeks to respect the best practices in terms of security and protection of personal data, promoting actions and improving systems in order to protect the data provided by customers.



The collection of data is aimed at proper functioning and customer service, such as managing registration, managing purchases of products or services and, when applicable, sending personalized communications. The provision of personal data authorizes the collection, treatment, use and disclosure of the same. Promotional communications and direct marketing can be carried out through any communication channel, namely via email, SMS or other forms, where it is guaranteed that the information provided is covered by the promotion of products similar to the purchase made by the customer and which therefore excludes the need to obtain consent.


RITA GLÓRIA ID guarantees that the privacy of the visitors of the website will be respected. The visit to this website, by itself, does not imply the automatic registration of any personal data that identifies the customer. As a customer, you will be able to make a registeration on the website, being able to enjoy additional functionalities.



RITA GLÓRIA ID makes the best efforts to protect the personal data of customers against unauthorized access via the internet. For this purpose, it uses security systems, rules and other procedures, in order to guarantee the protection of the personal data of the customers, as well as to prevent unauthorized access to the data, its improper use, its disclosure, loss or destruction, compromising It respects the legislation on the protection of personal data of customers and treats this data only for the purposes for which it was collected, as well as ensuring that this data is treated with adequate levels of security and confidentiality.


RITA GLORIA ID undertakes to respect the confidentiality of personal data and to guarantee the exercise of rights: right to information, right to rectification, right to object to the processing of data and to ensure that we cancel or limit the processing of personal data. The data subject may exercise said rights by means of a written request addressed to the data protection officer at the email address



RITA GLÓRIA ID uses other entities to provide certain services. Eventually, this provision of services may imply access, by these entities, to personal data of their customers, suppliers, partners and customers of the site. Thus, any subcontracting entity of RITA GLORIA ID will process the personal data of the data subjects, in the name and on behalf of RITA GLORIA ID, in the strict obligation to follow our instructions. RITA GLORIA ID ensures that such subcontracting entities offer sufficient guarantees for the execution of appropriate technical measures so that the processing meets the requirements of the applicable law and ensures the security and protection of the rights of data subjects, under the terms of the subcontracting agreement entered into with said subcontracting entities.




To facilitate navigation on the website, cookies and similar devices are used to understand how you interact and, in certain cases, suggest products based on your browsing habits.



RITA GLORIA ID You may need to change your privacy policy. We advise you to periodically consult this website to stay up to date.

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